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Shoutouts Archive (14th March 2020)

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14th March 2020

Helen 21:14

So true.

Margaret 18:14

That is typical... mention about the birdsong and it stops..

Margaret 18:11

Can hear what sounds like a blackbird and the owl calling too

Helen 17:29

I'm staying away from crowds - had to make a brief excursion to pick up a prescription this morning, but like Cindy, I'm staying away from people as much as possible. So far, so good.

Milly 15:42

A motor bike??

Milly 15:40

Just been out for lunch ,next week ,after the funeral,i will hibernate ,

Milly 15:37

I just heard an owl !

Neil 12:33

Hello Everyone, Hope you're all staying safe & well...

Dan 11:29

Not quite but we’ve cancelled something that we’d planned to do next weekend because of it. No point in going to something and being anxious the whole time

Susan 09:27

Morning All

Cindy 09:09

Just wonder if anyone else is living in isolation to avoid the virus

Cindy 08:59


Milly 08:20

The birds sound happy ,anyway

Milly 05:56

Morning all

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