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Shoutouts Archive (11th March 2020)

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11th March 2020

Milly 17:17

Wow !!it will be a shock !

Gradon 14:44

Good Afternoon all! Tis raining again! But next week! We could be having several days of dry spring weather! How will we cope!

Neil 14:06

Good Afternoon All, Nice to see the sheep outside, but I do miss the clock, particularly whislt r/w to ealier scenes...sorry for the groan!..Baaa!

Susan 09:10

Morning All

Cindy 09:03


Debbie 08:48

Good morning

Milly 06:54

But the bird's are singing their heads off ,nice

Milly 06:26

Looks lovely out,,, rain and snow later ! What's new

Milly 06:24

Morning all

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