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Shoutouts Archive (10th March 2020)

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10th March 2020

Helen 19:45

Well, of course, as I'm just looking in now, the field is in darkness so not a rare breed sheep to be seen, only the lights of Earby.

Gradon 14:14

Thankyou Dan, Is that also by coincidence they have come up to the cam!

Dan 13:54

And I am slowly assembling all the laming native breeds into the LambWatch field. There are 27 in there now. A mix of Soay, Boreray, Shetland and North Ronaldsays

Dan 13:53

All the big sheep have now lambed

Gradon 13:02

Thankyou Lynda, Good to hear, Now for the pure breeds!

Helen 12:54

That's good news. Thanks for the update.

Lynda 12:17

yes gradon... just moving her into another spot.... all sheep and lambs ok

Gradon 11:39

Good Morning all, Lynda, what happened to the sheep that was taken away from the cams views and put into another shed! I do hope she is well with lambs!

Helen 11:18

I hope everything is OK, now, Lynda. Is that the last? Life might be a little more peaceful for you now.

Neil 11:02

Good Morning Everyone, Hopefully all will be better going after the few recent birthing problems...

Lynda 10:41

indeed we were ! she needed a bit of help as the second lamb was breech

Helen 10:32

Howard and Lynda might be delivering the last sheep?

Helen 10:31

Good morning all.

Susan 09:28

Morning All

Cindy 09:04


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 06:23

Morning all

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