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Shoutouts Archive (9th March 2020)

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9th March 2020

Helen 23:49

All fine now. The lamb had disappeared but is back and standing on mum's back.

Helen 23:40

There's a sheep complaining in the nursery - I wonder if she's misplaced one of her babies?

Helen 19:38

He's giving them a little fix, if he can catch them.

Helen 19:35

It's lovely to watch Howard with the lambs - and that's some shepherd's crook!

Helen 19:03

Nothing like TLC to bring a girl around! I hope she'll be fine.

Helen 19:01

Lynda, I could see you and Howard in and out of the barn this morning but missed the excitement. I do hope that old lass will be OK. She's had a long go of it. Hope the little ones do well, too.

Gradon 17:25

Oh dear I was away during the time of the drama! I do hope mum recovers after the ordeal Thank goodness to rewind!

Margaret 16:54

Thanks Lynda for letting us know - enjoy your cuppa ... wave back...

Lynda 16:53

going to have a cuppa now.... tata for the time being ... wave...

Lynda 16:52

she seems to have come onto milk

Margaret 16:52

That's good.

Lynda 16:52

all being well.... we did give one some colostrum from a bottle this lunchtime but that shouldnt be necessary now

Margaret 16:51

Will she be able to feed her two other lambs?

Margaret 16:51

Bless her..

Lynda 16:50

she is an old lass so its taken it out of her but a couple of days of tlc should do the trick

Margaret 16:48

I'm glad she will be okay, all being well.

Neil 16:48

My deepest sypathies, too... I do hope the Sheep recovers to full strength & comfort...

Lynda 16:48

just need to keep an eye on her but they should be okay now

Lynda 16:47

she should be ok ... we were glad we called out the vet as we were concerned about her this morning after her first two lambs were born

Lynda 16:46

ooopss ... the sheep has had everything possible now.. penicillin, pain killers, calcium and oxitocin

Margaret 16:46

Sorry about her losing her lamb.

Lynda 16:45

all of a jumble the sheep and the vet had to lamb the last one which was born dead and was all mixed up with the afterbirths all mixed u

Margaret 16:44

I know but I wondered if the sheep was okay. Probably tired out and/or needed an injection

Lynda 16:44

had to get the vet out...

Susan 16:43

It's lost a lamb

Margaret 16:37

Is the sheep in the small barn okay?

Helen 14:26

I see both Lynda and Howard working around, Lynda keeping an eye on one of the new mothers.

Neil 11:41

Good Morning Everyone, & Isee with more good news of arrivals...Wishing You All a Good Day....

Helen 10:05

I don't see any sign of them but the camera is not connecting at the moment. Ahhhh, there they are. Bless her - she's waited long enough.

Helen 10:03

Good morning - what good news to wake up to. Congratulations.

Gradon 09:57

In fact with the help of Howard, 2 new babes!

Gradon 09:55

Good Morning, So now we have just one lady in waiting! A new babe in the small back shed!

Cindy 09:04


Susan 08:50

Morning All

Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 05:53

Morning all

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