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Shoutouts Archive (7th March 2020)

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7th March 2020

Helen 21:52

I love these little guys when they get their feet mixed up, and a hind leg somehow gets confused with a front one. So funny.

Helen 21:51

Thanks, Neil, She's an old and dear friend but has dementia, and is quite confused about what has happened. However, she'll do fine, and thanks for your good wishes.

Neil 20:58

My prayers & thoughts go out to yoru Friend for a speedy & as comfortable as can be recovery, Helen

Helen 20:48

Beautiful by chilly day here today. I spent the day visiting a friend in hospital who has broken her hip and doesn't really understand what happened to her.

Neil 16:04

Hello All, hope you're having a good day despite the wind having taken over the lovely bird & sheep sounds heard this morning...

Susan 09:35

Norning All

Cindy 09:06


Milly 08:09

Morning all

"B" 04:39

Four lambs in the circle - maybe it feels safe, protected...

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