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Shoutouts Archive (6th March 2020)

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6th March 2020

Helen 23:35

That little black lamb loves to be in the circle.

Gradon 21:02

Nothing since last night Helen . Still 2 in waiting!

Helen 20:07

Do we have a new lamb? Black?

Helen 17:14

Lots of frolics in the nursery!

Helen 17:12

Sun's just gone down.

Helen 14:41

everyone outside for playtime and some green nnibbles.

Helen 11:45

Oh, good to know. Thanks, Lynda. What fun this must be for Lorraine's clases. I've just linked the site to my little nephew, who is eight, and learning how to use email.

Lynda 10:48

we have two commercial sheep left to lamb but in a couple of weeks time there are a big number of primitive breed sheep starting to lamb

Gradon 09:38

Morning Lovely to hear the Curlew in full voice again also a Chaffinch in full song

Susan 08:56

Morning All

Cindy 08:56


Debbie 08:50

Good morning

Lorraine 08:43

I've set up laptops in the corridor & the pupils are loving watching the activity. I have been asked how many sheep are left to lamb now & how many sheep you have altogether.

Lorraine 08:42

morning all!

Lynda 08:29

and then there were two................

Milly 05:55

Morning all

Helen 01:41

I saw one. Didn't see the other one.

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