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Shoutouts Archive (5th March 2020)

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5th March 2020

Gradon 23:06

Sorry! Two new babes!

Gradon 22:52

We have a new babe! A black one in the long shed!

Gradon 22:46

Yes Helen, Sorry, It is a Tawny and I think there were two in competition, A barn owl is more of a screetch!

Helen 20:44

The nursery is full of life and activity. Such fun to watch them.

Helen 20:44

Is it a barn owl or a tawny? I haven't heard it, except the other night, but I know there are 'tawny's on the farm. Don't know if there are barn owls as well.

Gradon 20:15

The Barn Owl is very vocal tonight and the nursery is starting to look full now with 5 families!

Gradon 19:33

Thankyou so much Dan, I am most grateful

Margaret 19:16

Thanks Dan... you're a good'un.

Dan 19:00

The missing sheep is in another shed currently out of sight of any cameras!

Dan 19:00

Cams have been restored

Gradon 18:45

A couple of questions Dan, I hope you do not mi d me asking First we seem to have lost the nursery cam has it packed up! Also we seem to be missing one lady in waiting! Where has se gone!

Neil 18:30

Good Evening Everyone, Thanks for restoring "Normal Setrvice" with the cams again, presumably Dan, I can imagine it must be a tiring problem.... Hope You are All having a Good Day otherwise...

Gradon 10:23

Morning all, a busy morning this morning! A shed full of pure breeds and an expectant mum staying indoors! No doubt babes expected any time!

Cindy 09:04


Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Susan 07:58

Morning All

Milly 07:15

Lovely day 😊

Milly 07:14

Morning all

Helen 01:27

I'm a day late with wishing Lynda a most happy 70th birthday. I hope there will be a big celebration soon with all the family.

Helen 01:27

The nursery cam image makes me smile, because at least three, possibly four lambs are in the circle, all curled up, asleep.

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