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Shoutouts Archive (4th March 2020)

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4th March 2020

Gradon 13:31

When the Sheep are away, the chickens do play! Spring cleaning in progress!

Gradon 13:21

Better late than never! I hope but! A Very Happy Birthday to you Lynda

Neil 13:11

Happy Birthday 2 U...Happy Birthday 2 A Very Special Friend...Hope you're having a Very Good Day with Lambs & All...Happy Birthday 2 Lynda.....

Susan 12:34

Welcome to the 70's club.

Margaret 11:55

Welcome to the club Lynda and congratulations

Lynda 11:51

Thank you all for the very kind birthday wishes ! ....... a lovely day outside to be starting my seventies my

Susan 09:50

Happy Birthday Lynda,Have a Great Day.

Susan 09:44

Morning All

Cindy 09:06


Milly 08:40

Happy birthday lynda 😊

Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Margaret 08:07

Happy Birthday Lynda. x

Milly 07:49

I have actually seen some sunshine this morning !

Milly 05:58

Morning all

Helen 00:55

The waiting room.

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