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Shoutouts Archive (3rd March 2020)

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3rd March 2020

Gradon 20:23

No Bro,there are still 4 expectant ladies there, just as this morning!

Susan 20:22

Neil none born tonight.

Neil 19:49

Another newborn , Well done Howard & Dan for helping...Hope all continues to go well...

Helen 17:01

The nursery is a lively place this evening.

Helen 15:18

I thought that might be the one. it seemed to have a mind of its own when it came to doing what it was told..

Gradon 14:19

Five hens rule the roost in the nursery!

Gradon 14:15

I think the dark one was the breech babe as Howard was giving it bottled milk just prior to being let out!

Helen 13:48

The other two nursery babies have just been sent out to play. The little dark one needed convincing.

Helen 12:21

Lovely - she's had a long wait.

Gradon 11:46

Born just after 7am this morning Helen

Gradon 11:44

A bit of a change around again thanks to Howard and hens, the first three mums and offspring are out for the day and family No 4 now in the nursery!

Helen 11:43

Hello, all, I see two more lambs. Good.

Neil 11:37

Hello All, very Good Bruv, He's a poet but does he know it...yes, sorry that was proably rather a sheepish comment! have a Good Day Everyone, & Sheep & Lambs too

Susan 09:47

Morning All

Milly 09:32

Thanks Dan

Gradon 09:15

Whenp 5 ladies in waiting become 4, two more bundles of joy!

Gradon 09:12

Thankyou Dan

Cindy 09:02


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Dan 08:33

Sorry about the cameranot linking to the site. I've fixed it now.

Milly 06:58

Morning all

Helen 00:11

Yes, I just discovered that. Nice to see them

Gradon 00:05

A little info, the cam is working live through the YouTube link the pointer inthe middle of the screen! No more babes yet!

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