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Shoutouts Archive (1st March 2020)

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1st March 2020

Gradon 22:23

News of the weather, the Jetstream has moved south taking the stormy weather with it over Spain and leaving us with some frosty days, come next weekend however the Jetstream will be coming back north but withsoe high pressure behind it!

Helen 21:55

This is such a busy time of year for them, Neil. All day and all night they have to be up and about till all the lambs are safely out in the pasture, and even then they need to watch them.

Neil 21:01

Sounds to be a Busy Farm.Hope you're able to regain your strength Lynda,Goodnight All.

Helen 20:36

Oh, thank you for the update, Lynda. I watched the other night when the sheep which is now behind the hay bale gave birth, and she cried for quite a while. I did see Howard come in to see her, and was afraid one of her lambs had died, but your explanation of one of the lambs not being able to feed well explains why she was distressed. I hope things continue to go well and that your weather improves. Get some sleep while you can. Hugs.

Margaret 20:27

Goodnight Lynda. sleep well

Lynda 20:26

of to bed now aswhilst things are quiet.... night all

Margaret 20:26

I'm just glad that windy weather is easing..

Lynda 20:25

indeed its a better forecast thank goodness ... nearly forgotten what the sun looks likr

Margaret 20:25

It's not surprising Lynda that you're tired. Hopefully this coming week, we should have some better weather.

Lynda 20:24

svuse typos but am a bit on the weary side

Margaret 20:24

Thanks for the update Lynda. It's great to see all the lambs together and being able to run around.

Lynda 20:23

all except the sheep which havent laqmbed , have been outside for the day finally and have got some fresh grass inside them before being brought back into the nursery for the night

Lynda 20:22

a quick update for you... we have 5 sheep left to lamb, we have a set of tri[lets, a set of twins and a single in the nursery barn, all doing well. We also have a set of twins in with the sheep left to lamb a. this shee[ and her two lambs are in a little cubicle behind the leaning straw bale. One of her lambs was a breech birth and is a little slow, not knowing how to feed properly and the sheep hasnt a lot of milk so we are keeping a close eye on that family

Margaret 20:20

Hello Lynda..

Lynda 20:19

hello all

Debbie 19:46

Time for bed in the nursery.

Milly 19:28

Oh dear it sounds like its falling down !

Helen 19:26

Yes, I see the kindergarten has been rearranged.

Helen 19:25

"Heavy" housework

Helen 19:25

I think they are keeping the cam on this sheep so that Howard and Lynda can watch from the house. I suspect all the noise has been made by this sheep - she has been rattling things and chewing hay right in front of the microphone - she sounds as though she's doing have housework, but I suspect it's just discomfort and hard work producing lambs. I hope she's OK, and lambs, too. She's been on cam for hours and hours, so there seems to be a reason to watch her..

Margaret 19:23

I see that there has been a change round in the nursery..

Margaret 19:16

True .. I hope that doesn't happen but it's difficult to please everyone I suppose.

Susan 19:13

yes we know all that but when we can hear the lambs it's disappointing we can't see them.THis sheep could lose all her lambs especially if the first lamb is stuck sideways on

Margaret 19:12

I bet we're going for the flitting around now...

Margaret 19:07

Hopefully so we can see this sheep have her lambs. There has been a lot of work going on in other parts of the barns by the sound of it.

Susan 19:05

So why isn't all the cams on please. I would love to see the lambs.love to see

Helen 18:55

Yes, Debbie, and more than one, I think, but she's not having an easy time of it.

Debbie 18:54

I cam see the lamb moving around inside the sheep we are watching.

Dan 18:27

You’re welcome 🙂

Margaret 18:24

Ah, thanks Dan.. :_

Dan 18:23

Good evening. This is a live pic I’ve just forgotten to overlay the time stamp

Margaret 18:17

Good evening, it's funny that there is no time or date on this

Milly 18:11

I can hear a lamb crying

Helen 17:59

This sheep is having a hard time.

Helen 17:58

Oh, I hope that works out, Sue. Moving has a way of making us get rid of stuff, doesn't it? I thought I had done a lot of that before I moved back to Toronto, but there's a lot of it around, still - books and stuff. Good luck with the move.

Susan 17:15

Well I am hoping to move from here this year to be nearer grand daughter,

Helen 17:09

Mine is just 'stuff', too much of it. Some of it is paperwork, too, and some of it is souvenirs from trips, old maps, old records, etc.

Susan 16:34

I need to get it all clear fed up to the teeth with paper work around.#

Helen 16:12

Oh, Susan I've been doing the same sort of thing for the last two weeks - boxes and cupboards and even a trunk full of stuff. I just do a bit at a time. Good luck with it all.

Susan 15:42

Already got 1 massive black bag of paper.

Susan 15:42

Just having a massive clear out of all paperwork.

Helen 14:51

Poor old girl - she's having a hard time.

Helen 14:04

There's a chicken free-ranging into the barn and keeping that sheep company. Someone must be working - I hear activity in the background.

Helen 12:48

Thanks, Neil - the same to you.

Neil 12:45

Happy St. David's Day Everyone...

Helen 12:43

We must be watching this sheep.

Susan 10:29

Just wonderig why the cam is stuck on one cam and not moving around.

Susan 10:27

Morning All

Cindy 09:07


Milly 09:02

I think theres a lamb ,in the food ring !!

Milly 07:11

White Rabbits everyone and good morning

Milly 07:10

Sorry didn't work,

Milly 07:10


Helen 02:34

One of those mums in the kindergarten section is a strict disciplinarian.

Helen 00:02

The Waiting Game.

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