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Shoutouts Archive (29th February 2020)

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29th February 2020

Neil 21:27

It's interesting for us humans ot be watching The ladies in waiting, but I also sympathise with how uncomfortable the Mum's to be look as though they are feeling. Let's hope all are successfully relieved sooner than later, with, of ocurse Dan & Howard's t.l.c..

Helen 20:25

Can any of the Procters tell me if the owls were calling last night? I thought I heard them around 1.00 a.m. while Howard was back and forth to the barn to tend to a birthing sheep.

Helen 20:17

Thanks, Dan. I see the kindergarten is in full swing, with some leapfrogging.

Milly 19:01

Its been the wettest February since record s began,

Milly 19:00

The rain and snow ,is horizontal, at the mo here !Brrr

Susan 18:25

Thanks Dan.

Gradon 17:59

Thankyou Dan for restoring the cam, tha lambs are now safely back indoors and still 5 ladies in waiting!

Helen 17:39

I'm guessing that Dan and Heather are out for the day, and will fix the camera when they get back. It makes it easier for Howard and Lynda to see what's going on with their sheep.

Susan 16:06

Yes they will bev glad to get indoors it's freezing out.

Milly 16:01

The lamb's will be cold that wind is freezing !!

Helen 13:48

Yes, I had a signal about an hour ago, as well. Down now.

Neil 13:17

...& the effects of Storm Jorge very apparent on www.shetlandwebcams.com

Neil 13:15

As on TV just now..."Brace yourselves for a nuch more fierce storm Jorge in progress"

Neil 13:14

Only jsut disappeared Susan, i was capturing pics a few mins ago...so blame me!!! lol! Good A'noon All...

Susan 13:10

No Signal today..

Helen 12:41

The playpen is empty!! Hope it's warm enough outside. they may be back overnight.

Susan 11:42

Hen in the barn and sheep really giving it a hard look

Gradon 11:13

Morning seems as though the Nursery has for the first time gone out to play!

Susan 10:26

Morning All

Milly 09:15

Morning all

Cindy 09:06


Helen 02:55

Camera feed not good right now.

Helen 02:54

Coud there have been a third. Howard came back and spent a long time with her and then she stopped calling.

Gradon 01:47

The new mum certainly has 2 live lambs standing,onw white and one black maybe 3

Helen 01:02

I think maybe we lost a lamb, and that's why the mother was fussing so much..

Helen 00:46

Quieter now.

Helen 00:43

There's a problem with the one that just birthed in the last hour. Howard is in that pen, attending to the ewe, or the lamb. Can't see well enough to know.

Helen 00:33

I think I just heard the owls! Will someone please let me know if they are calling in this season?

Helen 00:19

A little shenanigans in the round - various lambs keep trying to play with the others, and the mums shoo them off again.

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