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Shoutouts Archive (28th February 2020)

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28th February 2020

Helen 23:57

I can only see the one lamb in that pen but the other one could be on the other side.

Helen 23:56

It seems to be up now and feeding.

Helen 23:55

I saw that, Margaret. I thought it was a newborn which had been up on its feet but the mother had not cleaned it up and she seemed to be birthing another one.

Gradon 23:19

Howard had to come out and give some assistance to the latest mum

Margaret 22:38

All seems well..

Margaret 22:36

There appears to be a white lamb in the nursery on the right that has been on its own and seemingly asleep. I hope it is just asleep.

Helen 22:19

Antics in the central area, where the black lamb has climbed up on mum.

Helen 22:18

Well, I hope so. She hadn't even cleaned up the first one.

"B" 22:13

You might be right ablut the second lamb - mum is bleating again...

Helen 22:12

Unless she's one of those rare sheep that just ignores her new born and won't care for it. That has happened but not often.

Helen 22:10

The reason I think there might be more is that she is pretty well ignoring the new lamb, so concentrating on delivering another one, maybe.

Helen 22:09

It's up on its feet. There might be more.

Helen 22:09

I just saw the lamb.

"B" 21:57

She has stopped bleating so one assumes things are OK, can't see the lamb.

Gradon 21:37


Gradon 21:36

We have another birth happening! I am sure!

Gradon 21:24

We have a very verbal and restless mum to be in the middle of the long barn! Could she be!

Susan 21:16

Hopefully tonight will be the night..

Susan 19:28

Wonder when these sheep are going to give birth.Maybev 2 sets of triplets

Helen 16:56

No he isn't - he was attending to one of the lambs.

Helen 16:54

Well, I see Howard - didn't spot him at first as I was expecting to see sheep. He's obviously waiting with one of the ladies.

Helen 14:50

I see two wobbly newbies on camera - lovely to see them.

Helen 14:49

Well, I know how you feel because we're getting big ones about every five days or so, with beautiful mild spells in between. I just try to do everything on a quiet day. We're getting 'snow squalls today - blowing snow that ices the roads and reduces visibility to zero. Some smaller towns are completely closed in because roads are so dangerous.

Gradon 13:17

As Margaret says the latest Storm wss named by the Spanish met office which begs me to wonder, is the Jetstream begining to change course, the next british storm, when it arrives will be named Ellen

Margaret 13:11

It feel like Earth is not a happy bunny

Margaret 13:11

We all have had enough of these storms - it seems to be constant with barely a break of calm weather.

Margaret 13:07

This storm was named by the Spanish weather people. Our next storm should be a name starting with 'E'.

Helen 13:01

I don't envy you your storms but I love how you name them. The incoming one is a big system that went through here Tuesday-Thursday, and is now out in the Atlantic, so maybe that's Jorge.

Susan 12:11

New storm this weekend named Jorge,seemingly plenty of rain and snow.

Margaret 11:17

It could be a while yet ... no joy of good weather for some days yet, unfortunately.

Gradon 11:11

I think Mum and single babe will be ready to go out one the weather improves!

Margaret 11:08

Oh yes, I see the single white lamb and mum. It's difficult to keep up with their location

Gradon 11:06

Sorry mum and single babe now in the back small shed

Gradon 11:03

Not quiet Margaret, all three mums in the nursery, mum and triplets lthink in the seperate pen below the cam

Margaret 10:46

Thanks Gradon.. one mum and lamb in with the ladies in waiting and two mums and lambs in the nursery

Gradon 10:34

Good Morning all, All 9 sheep counted the 6 mums to be one side and 3 mums the other, you can just see the head of the triplet mum at the bottom edge of the screen

Margaret 09:46

Good morning... has one of the sheep gone outside. One seems to be missing.

Susan 09:21

Morning All

Cindy 09:11


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 07:13

Morning all

Helen 01:20

Nothing much happening at 1.20 a.m.

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