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Shoutouts Archive (27th February 2020)

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27th February 2020

Susan 20:14

Some lambs will be born tonight.at least 2 sheep in labour by the looks of it.

Helen 18:00

Nice picture of Dan outside feeding the rare breed sheep. Back about 90 minutes on the video feed.

Helen 17:50

Images are still shifting from one cam to another but nothing is moving.

Helen 17:49

One of the lambs is up on mother's back - piggy-back style. Your ticket to ride, baby.

Helen 17:49

Fixed, I guess - beautiful western sky.

Helen 17:48

I can hear them but have no picture.

Susan 17:48

C171,And the rest

Susan 17:31

No signal.

Margaret 17:04

Those lambs in the foreground are really lively - one in particular which tried to escape when Howard was leaving the pen.

Helen 16:47

Beautiful sky right now.

Helen 16:47

There's dear Howard hard at work.

Helen 16:16

Two of the ladies are having a little nuzzle and conversation in the long barn - one probably saying to the other, "Why is this taking such a long time - I'm fed up!"

Helen 16:13

It's fun to watch those babies exploring.

Susan 14:47

Thanks Lynda for removing those buckets.

Neil 14:14

Hello Helen, Good Luck ^ stay warm if you can, hopefully you don't need to go out for awhile. We have sunshine here but a bitter cold blustery wind, feeling as if it might soon bring some snow like they have up north so I hear.

Helen 14:01

Hello, everyone. We have 15 cms of snow (about 6 inches and blowing) here, and I hear cars trying to make their way uphill with some difficulty. Enjoy your spring flowers if you have any.

Dan 13:04

Not quite Gradon - just cutting up some seasoned stuff making a bit of room for the beech

Neil 11:49

Good morning All, ..just!..once again. Hope everyting today is continuing to go as well as hoped.

Gradon 11:11

I can hear the chain saws at work on the old beech tree!

Gradon 10:13

Morning all, I see first born and mum have been released out of their pen

Susan 09:18

Morning Al

Cindy 09:11


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 07:16

Morning all

Milly 07:16

They are very funny when young,and full of life !

Kristin 03:27

Hanha ha! The white lamb from the first triplets litter was just standing on top of his lying-down, resting Mom. Like she was a mountain!

Kristin 03:16

Thanks, Helen, form the clarification. I saw the latter but later, so didn’t know there had been a third. Thanks all for updates. I’ve been following as I can 😊

Helen 02:34

No Kristin, I think those triplets are in fine form. Another ewe had triplets this morning and one of those died, but the other two are in a small pen in the longer barn. You'll notice them because one of the lambs is all black and very playful. Right now he's asleep.

Kristin 00:46

...oh, the triplets I was referring to were born 25 Feb. I still seem to count 3. Sorry for any losses, though.

Kristin 00:37

Hello, all. I posted here for a bit, but haven't posted for a while. Life just got busy (some eldercare things). I've been following this wonderful lambing season. Saw the births (with amazing help from Dan and Lynda (hope I got names right), yesterday! Amazing! Just read one of triplets died. Was it one of these I witnessed? I've gotten attached... Oh and little black lamb, yes!

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