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Shoutouts Archive (26th February 2020)

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26th February 2020

Helen 21:30

Me, too, Susan - he's got personality plus.

Susan 21:24

Love the little black lamb

Helen 20:07

Sorry about one of those triplets. I suspected that something wasn't right about one of them, but it's really hard for me to tell. I hope that is the last problem, and that the other birthings go smoothly. I see a frisky black lamb and a sibling in one of the penned areas.

Gradon 20:05

So sorry to hear about the loss of one of todays triplets though the remaining siblings seem full of life! Thankyou Dan also for resetting the lighting in th back shed!

Neil 18:21

Hi Dan, tat's a pleasure to be of help, Thanks for your confirmation. Very sorry to hear of one of the triplets dyng. Keep up Your Good Work,

Dan 18:18

Yes, Neil, your donations do come through from Easy Fundraising. Thank you so much for your support

Dan 18:18

Sadly one of the triplets born today died

Helen 17:27

Five, in fact.

Helen 17:26

That's funny - four sheep lined up in the long barn, close together, but maybe they have something yummy they are all eating together?

Gradon 16:34

Oh dear, I missed the third lamb as I was called away! Oh well on to rewind!

Margaret 16:30

I've just remembered that all that information is on the gift shop page.

Neil 15:21

yes, thanksMargaret,that's the site I go through, I couldn't htink of it's name.

Margaret 15:21

There's a website too : easyfundraising.org which helps

Neil 15:16

Yes, I do hope they benefit by me always rememebring to donate whenbuyng fromAmazon & Ebay.

Helen 15:16

Where did they go?

Helen 15:15

Oh, I hear them

Margaret 15:15

Not a bad idea Neil... where's that donation button

Neil 15:14

we shall have to pass the hat around to put more money in the meter!lol!

Margaret 15:14

We're back again

Helen 15:11

Thanks - sometimes I don't know if it's me or them. They may have turned the camera off till they sort them out.

Neil 15:11

no, just gone "timed out" it says!

"B" 15:11


Helen 15:11

Have you got a signal, anyone?

Margaret 15:05

lambs,,, sorry... one typo..

Margaret 15:04

Howard must have put the latest lamps and mum in the smaller barn

Lorraine 14:47

yes, it's a third lamb. It's taken a while for it to get up though.

Helen 14:45

Signal gone.

Helen 14:45

I only have a small screen and not very good eyes, so I can't tell if that is a third lamb.

Helen 14:43

I wondered if she did. At least she is in a more secluded area from the long barn - it will be easier to contain them there.

Margaret 14:42

She has a third lamb I think..

Margaret 14:41

The new ones aren't contained as yet... they are wandering between the two barns.

Helen 14:37

Oh, I see them - they are in the 'nursery' - a bit easier to contain there.

Helen 14:36

Thanks for the info, Margaret and Gradon. Those three born yesterday seem to be in great shape.

Helen 14:35

So where is the newest Mom and babies (?) Can't see them in the long barn.

Margaret 14:03

Back again with mum

Margaret 14:01

The first born has gone awandering

Margaret 13:45

It's difficult to see

Margaret 13:44

I wondered that ...

Gradon 13:44

Could we be having another triplet!

Margaret 13:38

Second lamb born to the mum in the long barn round about 13.34 ish

Gradon 13:37

Good day to you all, Helen, The lamb on the bale climbed there, along with one of its siblings so we hàd two lambs sniffing the top barrier the third sibling had a good attemt also

Margaret 13:36

There's another lamb on the way

Margaret 13:18

The new one was only born just over an hour ago Helen and the one on the hay bale likely jumped up there... they have springs in their legs.. lol

Helen 13:17

I wonder how he got up on the hay bale. And I see the new one in another camera shot. It looks pretty new and a bit wobbly.

Margaret 13:15

The new lamb born today is up and having a meal from mum

Margaret 13:14

One of the lambs born yesterday has settled down on the hay bale

Margaret 12:54

There it is at about 12.52

Margaret 12:52

Good afternoon Neil... hopefully it will go well

Neil 12:51

G'Afternoon All..yes, Margaret it certainly looks llike it! Hope all goes well.

Margaret 12:49

Another birth possible soon

Milly 10:20

Howard feeding the 3 lamb's more milk

Cindy 09:18


Susan 09:14

Morning All

Debbie 08:40

Good morning

Milly 06:08

Morning all

Milly 05:59

Howard feeding the sheep

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