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Shoutouts Archive (25th February 2020)

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25th February 2020

Helen 23:06

I just scrolled back to look at the babies - such lovely, lively lambs. I sent the link to my niece who has young children, so they have had a look, too. Now we wait for the others.

Helen 21:14

Some of those ladies look so tuckered out, and tired of waiting.... But this afternoon's triplets really made the wait worth it. So happy they are doing well.

Gradon 20:50

Auntie is feeling a little broodie Bro, it willnot be long before she gives birth, maybe overnight!

Neil 20:45

Mum was just having a chat & a sniff with Auntie, but Auntie has nwo walked away, probably a bit of jealosy showing!

Gradon 20:38

Welcome to the cams Lorraine! Has Mum been on her feet all this time since the births! She is a very good fit mum!

Neil 20:27

A BIG WELCOME to this very friendly & interesting site from me too, in Stamford Lincolnshire, My Brother, Gradon introduced me to this lovely site last Summer, so this is my first Spring-time of enjoyment here, too. but I do still vividly remember from last year,apart from the well tended sheep & lambs & hen or 2, it was lovely hearing the Curlew & owls. I do hope you & your Girls enjoy as much as I have so far, as well as the fridnly conversation...& have you seen their Facebook site, too?

Helen 20:09

Sorry, Dan!

Helen 20:09

Hi, Lorraine. Welcome to the fun. These days are the most wonderful on the farm, a lot of work for Howard and Lynda and dan and Heather, but so much fun for us to watch. I hope your students get a chance to see a few clips. This happened right in front of us, and was a real treat.

Dan 19:55

Hi Lorraine welcome to LambWatch... glad you enjoyed today’s events... the third lamb needed a bit of help. You can actually scroll back on the webcam to watch the footage you missed while stuck in traffic 🙂

Lorraine 19:33

Oh my goodness, I have really enjoyed watching this camera today. I am the senior biology tech in a school in Birmingham & am always on the lookout for something exciting for the girls to watch. I couldn't leave work today until I saw lamb no.2 safely arrive. This meant my drive home took 1 hour instead of 10 minutes! But totally worth the traffic jams. And what a surprise I had just now when I tuned in to see lamb no.3. thanks for the camera.

Neil 18:31

That's good news, Dan.

Milly 18:30

Is that a other one Dan

Dan 18:26

They are good lambs. Very healthy

Helen 17:56


Helen 17:55

They look very healthy.

"B" 17:52

having a party!!

Helen 17:50

Here's a friend coming to meet the fmaily.

"B" 17:50

but will have to be suplementary feeding as mum only has two teats

Helen 17:49

Now I do.

Helen 17:49

Thanks, B

Helen 17:49

Ok, thanks. I just can't see all three.

"B" 17:49

She still has them all - 3

Gradon 17:48

They are still all there. Helen

Helen 17:48

I see two quite clearly.

Helen 17:47

I had to leave - does she have all three with her, or did one get taken away?

Milly 17:37

Here's Howard

Margaret 17:15

I hope the three lambs can share mum's milk without too much bother

Gradon 17:11

Those last two are large lambs!

Margaret 17:10

My hubby used to say it ..

Lynda 17:10

ooooh its a long time since Ive heard that Margaret !!

Neil 17:10

We Humans had better get the milk-mix, bottles & feeders organsised ,then. Well Done Dan...& Lynda for spotting the problem, too....

Margaret 17:09

A good job jobbed Lynda

Lynda 17:09

third lamb was wrongly presented... its head was coming first rather than the two front legs first... dan managed to get the lamb out with one leg back...

Milly 17:06

That last one was well stuck

Gradon 17:05

She is only equiped for two! Bro

Gradon 17:04

So 4 lambs in total!

Neil 17:03

Mother Ewe is probably thinking, "Oh! I had better get my milk making machinery into speedo-action!"

Gradon 17:02

Well done Dan and Lynda wes that third unexpected!

Milly 17:01

Thats 3 now !

Susan 17:01

Well at least it's alive and kicking

Milly 17:00

Well done Dan and Lynda

Gradon 16:59

Oh she has had triplets!

Neil 16:59

Yes, Very Well Done!

Helen 16:58

Yes, indeed.

Margaret 16:57

Well done Dan & Lynda...

Helen 16:57

Third lamb?

Margaret 16:53

Ah sorry Gradon... I misunderstood..

Gradon 16:53

Yes Margaret, I was meaning the second lamb from this mother!

Margaret 16:50

This is the third lamb to come..

Gradon 16:49

I was sure there was a second lamb, though there may be complications!

Milly 16:45

It's marvellous ,how lively they are ,already

Milly 16:44

I bet the sheeps thirsty now .,all that washing .

Milly 16:41

Two at the front ,now

Margaret 16:38

Looks like there may be

Dan 16:37


Margaret 16:34

Does anyone think there is another one to come?

Helen 16:18

there it is

Helen 16:12

That first lamb is certainly very lively. Amazing what a little snack and a clean-up will do.

Dan 16:09


Margaret 16:06

There does seem to be movement in this sheep's tum

Gradon 15:42

The second mum is certainly behaving as she might have another!

Dan 15:39

I think that's all shes having. Oh look here comes Auntie

Neil 15:38


Gradon 15:36

Yes Bro Very trying indeed! And so is Mum, She was the . Hang on another babe born!

Dan 15:34

Our dog used to eat that :

Helen 15:32

Looks like it.

Dan 15:31

might be cleansing

Margaret 15:30

I thought there was something there

Dan 15:29

Is there something else hanging out now?

Helen 15:25

I like the little white tail.

Helen 15:24

Wonderful camera location. Thank you.

Neil 15:24

lol! I htink the Ewe would be laughing if She were not in such discomfort!

Margaret 15:21

My sister says the same about me

Neil 15:20

Thanks Margaret, I try...Gradon often says I'm VERY TRYING!

Helen 15:19

I was thinking the same thing - that there could be another.

Margaret 15:18

Very good Neil

Neil 15:17

Yes, Ewe are under surveillance!

Milly 15:16


Margaret 15:15

This near sheep looks like she could have another one or even two to come

Milly 15:15

I saw it born .

Helen 15:15

Wow - Mom working hard to get baby cleaned up.

Margaret 15:13

I refreshed and saw the lamb born twice.. lol

Dan 15:12

It was born at 15:11 and 20 seconds

Margaret 15:12

Thanks for keeping us in this barn Dan.

Dan 15:12

Keep refreshing.

Dan 15:11


Margaret 15:11

The cam isn't settling

Dan 15:09

She's center stage

Dan 15:03

The one that is lambing now is the one currently with her head in the round feeder.

Neil 14:51

& the rain in plentiful supply too by the sound of it!

Lynda 14:46

scuse spelling of buses..

Lynda 14:46

more lambs on the way.... they are like busses ... nothing for ages and then two come along at the same time

Neil 14:41

Well Done Dan, you are certainly being kept busy...

Dan 14:14

ive also bought and planted a new beech tree. just finished putting the guard on before the heavens opened!

Dan 14:13

yep we have our first lamb

Gradon 12:37

I think the hen has crept under a door maybe chicks in mind!

Gradon 12:26

We have got a babe!

Neil 12:24

Oh well, hopefully Hen will be on hand to help the birth, or give First Aid!

Gradon 12:24

I think a babe maybe coming!

Gradon 12:22

Th mum by the door beyond the circular feed trough has become wery restless and the behaviour she lbe abot to give birth surely!

Neil 12:18

Yes, Susan, I wondered what the strange noise was which didn't sound like a sheep, then relaised it was a hen "Squarking"..perhaps She found her own way in through a crackhole in the walling!..Any eggs yet, i wonder? lol!

Susan 12:14

Someone has locked a hen in the barn...LOL

Neil 11:57

Just before Noon, GMT, Good Day All....

Susan 09:32

Morning All

Cindy 09:06


Debbie 08:42

Good morning

Milly 07:24

Morning all

Helen 03:44

Weather much calmer now.

Helen 03:09

Oh, my goodness - I can see why it would have such a huge significance for you. A new tree, and a bench and table would look lovely, and give you a place to sit and remember. Be sure to post a picture when it's all done.

Dan 01:53

We’d like to replace it with a new tree. I’ll be planting a beech tree in its place very soon

Dan 01:52

Plenty of wood indeed to keep us warm and also we will make a commemorative bench and table out of it too as under this great tree is the ashes of my aunt and grandparents

Helen 01:28

The cam seems to be showing a dreadful snow storm outside. Not sure that's what's happening, but it looks like that. Can't see any town lights.

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