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Shoutouts Archive (24th February 2020)

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24th February 2020

Helen 23:24

Will there be lambs tonight?

Helen 19:51

It's sad about the tree, but look at it this way - free firewood to keep you all warm and cosy. I'm thankful no sheep were near it. Now there will be some sawing and chopping added to your daily chores.

Gradon 19:41

At 17.21.52 On rewind you can hear that splendid Beech tree crashing to the ground! The cam was filming in the barn at the time! It will surely be missed. Amazing there were som sheep in that area at the time. I am so pleased they all escaped!

Susan 19:04

Is it the tree that we all sat under in 2008 first year of using the web.

Margaret 18:33

I'm sorry about the beech tree but glad that it isn't the one I thought it might be. Such a shame to lose such an ancient tree.

Dan 18:31

No, Margaret. Here is a link to a blog post i made just now about it. I think the one in the middle of the field has a few years left in it [link]

Dan 18:30


Margaret 18:30

Is that the beautiful tree in the middle of the field where the sheep shelter from the sun in the summer?

Neil 18:26

RIP Marlfield Ancient Beech Tree...Hopefully no person or sheep injured by it's fall

Dan 18:02

I was just out feeding the sheep and heard and almighty crash. The massive beech tree that sits at the bottom of the lambwatch field has crashed to the floor. It could take no more of this horrible weather and has decided to call it a day. The view will never be the same again.

Dan 17:45

Lest your mighty frame forever leave a mark on the landscape

Dan 17:44

RIP ancient beech tree.

Helen 15:38

Afternoon nap time, for all of them. Down and out.

Gradon 14:38

Not to worry, Howard is checking on them!

Gradon 14:37

And then the snow was gone! There are two of those ladies starting to look rather uneasy! Are some babes knocking on mums door!

Neil 13:09

Hello Everyone, I hope you're managing to have a good day despite the weather, It sems surprisingly mild here in Stamfrod in comparison to seeing the snow at Marlfield.

Helen 11:53

I see winter is back. Dan, are your native breeds not tough enough and used to snow? Of course, if they originated on farms in England or the Isle of Man, they wouldn't be used to such cold weather as in their native habitat.

Helen 11:50

Good morning - I made it before noon, your time!

Milly 09:51

Yes I'm sure there is .

Dan 09:21

There are nooks and crannies around and about that can be used: )

Cindy 09:07


Susan 08:58

Morning All

Debbie 08:46

Good morning

Milly 07:20

The barn doesn't seem big enough

Milly 07:14

Oh so sorry Dan,,where will they all go?

Dan 06:27

It is just awful out there

Dan 06:27

Poor sheep. Iā€™m going to have to think about getting them in I think šŸ˜Ÿ

Milly 05:05

Morning all

Milly 05:04

Looks like it's snowing !

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