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Shoutouts Archive (23rd February 2020)

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23rd February 2020

Helen 19:22

Very interesting, Dan, thanks for sharing this. More tree planting on other farms would probably be a help?

Dan 18:58

Hello all, for those watching countryfile, we’ve already done the farm carbon calculator at lambwatch hq. You can see our calculation here: [link] the website also has lots of other info about lambwatch hq

Helen 18:32

The "smoky bar" camera is still in operation - I bet it's an old cam.

Helen 18:32

Interesting sky now in black and white/

Neil 17:58

Beautiful sky beyond the Field!

Neil 15:16

Good Afternoon One & All, including the Ladies in Waiting....

Helen 14:08

It looks as though ladies are still waiting, meanwhile, it sounds like a very windy day.

Helen 14:06

Hello, everyone.

Susan 09:55

Morning All

Cindy 09:08


Helen 07:57

Good morning.

Milly 07:03

Morning all

Helen 00:23

More rain.

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