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Shoutouts Archive (22nd February 2020)

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22nd February 2020

Neil 22:24

Sweet Dreams ALl, i can hear the rainfall is intensifying.

Margaret 22:13

Thanks Susan... goodnight all..

Helen 17:01

Thanks Gradon, and yes, Susan, I agree. It looks like the inside of a smoky bar!

Susan 16:50

One of the cams needs a clean as it is so misty .I can hardly see the sheep

Gradon 13:58

Hi Folk, No Helen, no babes yet, still nine ladies in waiting! They have been out all morning whilst Dan and Howard have been busy bringing in equipment needed when the time comes, Meanwhile plenty of woolly activity in the field!

Susan 13:41

Afternoo All,Good to see you Margaret

Helen 12:41

The only reason I'm guessing two is that there are two pens that are closed off, but perhaps they were that way yesterday and I didn't notice. I see nine Yows, I think.

Margaret 12:39

I haven't seen any signs of any lambs as yet.

Margaret 12:38

Hi Helen, thank you.

Helen 12:38

Hi, Margaret, nice to see you here.

Helen 12:37

Hi, all! Any lambs born overnight? I'm guessing two but can't tell from the cameras.

Margaret 12:37

Hi Dan, yes I enjoy the barge/canal programmes and recorded last night's. It was quite a surprise to see Heather. She did a great job.

Dan 12:35

She’s famous

Dan 12:34

Hi Margaret -you spotted Heather on the telly well done!

Margaret 10:09

Hi Milly, very busy in the barn this morning.

Milly 10:04

Sheep must be outside,,hello Dan

Milly 10:03

Hi Margaret.

Cindy 09:20


Margaret 09:00

Good morning, it's a while since I chatted but I've been checking in every day. I just wanted to ask if anyone watched Celebrity Britain by Barge: Then and Now shown on Channel 5 last night. It was quite a surprise to find Heather guiding two of the celebs along the Pennine Way for a short time.

Milly 08:28

Well ,its actually stopped raining for once !!

Milly 07:16

I'm dreading looking outside.

Milly 07:15

Morning all

Hope the floods are not affecting you

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