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Shoutouts Archive (21st February 2020)

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21st February 2020

Helen 21:08

It's clearly raining very hard.

Helen 12:22

Yes, Milly, and all night long she sat right in front of the camera, except when her youngsters got rambunctious. Then she got them back in line and planted herself in full view again. Funny old girl and apparently not easy to deal with.

Neil 12:08

Good A'noon All..jsut past midday..Weather is not too bad here in Stamford, rather overcast with a chilly breeze, but at least not raining...., or snowing...yet!...try & think positively Folk & enjoy your day, whatever the weather,...& at least enjoy watching the "Ladies in Waiting"....

Susan 10:11

Morning All,what a rotten day

Cindy 08:59


Debbie 08:43

Good morning

Milly 08:12

Here's Howard ,feeding the sheep !

Milly 05:13

Morning all

Milly 05:13

She laid in front of the big tree !

Milly 05:09

Yes ,i remember her Helen, She was a loner .

Helen 01:26

Once upon a time, we had a sheep named "Meep". Well, I'm not sure that was her real name, but that's what we called her. Anyway, I suspect that some of her genes are present in some of the yows which are in the barn right now, with black faces and black stockings. These are more docile in temperament than Meep was - she was a character.

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