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Shoutouts Archive (19th February 2020)

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19th February 2020

Neil 18:51

Yes, I agree, & they will certainly keep the family busy over the next few weeks...Good Luck!

Helen 18:46

Oh, good - camera-shifting! Yes, Neil, these poor yows are under observation 24/7, but it is for their own good. Howard and Dan and family have to keep an eye on the birthing process, although most of these girls can manage on their own.

Neil 18:42

In answer to your first comment Helen, the Sheep are probably thinking, "now how can excape the human eyes that are watching us through those cams?"! lol!

Helen 18:36

I watched one sheep that was lying down and I could see what looking like kicking movements across her side. New life waiting to be born.

Helen 18:35

Another view - always interesting, although the sheep have wandered off somewhere.

Neil 18:30

Many thanks Busy Man Dan,Looking forward to soem interesting viewing, Good Luck with it all.

Dan 18:08

These sheep are due to lamb on Friday so some could come any time

Dan 18:05

There we go, we have a rotating camera view.

Dan 16:30

Give it a min. I'm updating software

Ric 16:29

No signal

Helen 14:43

Hi, Dan - thanks a lot. that's quite a lot to manage across the property. I think we're only seeing three currently?

Dan 14:05

Hi Helen, there's 6 across the place!

Helen 14:03

Hello, all. Nice to see the ladies. I'm wondering, since Dan used the plural of 'camera', how many there are? I'm guessing three, one in the field and two in the barn.

Dan 14:02

i think we might have a lamber...

Neil 12:56

Hi Folk, Many thanks Dan for your camera wrok when your "Ladies in Waiting" are no doubt needing a lot of attention as well.Hope You are all including Ladies in waiting are having a Good Day

Dan 12:08

I’ve done some re wiring to help the reliability of the cameras. We shall see how it goes!

Susan 10:11

Morning All

Cindy 09:02


Debbie 08:32

Good morning

Milly 05:24

Morning all

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