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Shoutouts Archive (17th February 2020)

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17th February 2020

Helen 23:28

I see five tonight. There must be somewhere else that they wander, as the number fluctuates.

Helen 21:02

That makes sense. It's probably easier on the newbies as well, just to be by themselves for a while. Meanwhile, all of our coronavirus refugees are either at an air base east of Toronto, or at a training centre for civilian pilots (the second place is much more posh - I was there once for a conference, as they rent out space.) How many of us would like to take a cruise about now? No one, I bet.

Helen 20:58

Girls all settled down for the evening.

Dan 17:57

No Gradon, the new sheep are in another field.

Gradon 17:15

Aha some sheep over towards the big tree! Are these the new sheep? Dan!

Dan 16:59

The new girls are in isolation at the moment! No they dont have coronavirus, we hope(!) but it is standard practice to isolate new animals before intergrating them into the flock to ensure they are clear of, or so that treatment can be given for, diseases they may have brought with them!

Neil 13:12

Hello All, I just heard a bleat, so i guess they are not far away !

Helen 13:11

I can't see the new girls, but they might be there - I have only a small screen, and it's a dark day there..

Helen 12:22

Hello, all! Nice to be back outside.

Susan 10:48

Morning All

Debbie 09:11

Good morning

Cindy 09:05


Milly 06:24

Morning all

Helen 01:14

Sorting through (and pitching out) some of my souvenirs of the days when I was a tourist, I found a wonderful map of Yorkshire. Could find the farm right away!

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