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Shoutouts Archive (15th February 2020)

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15th February 2020

Helen 22:31

It's been OK here, Dan, just a brief blip at one point but has been fine since early afternoon for me.

Neil 21:51

That's ok Dan thanks, Good to see the residents happy in their warm & dry surroundings, I just keep refreshing every so often..Good Luck with the Lambing...

Dan 21:44

Sorry for cam issues folks.

Helen 18:43

Could be, Sue. The girls are all standing up and looking into the metal ring - maybe waiting for new hay?

Susan 18:06

Think it maybe to do with the rotten weather we are getting.

Helen 18:00

I've got a signal now, Sue, but didn't have one earlier. The sheep are moving around, so I know it's a live signal.

Susan 17:41

Has anyone noticed we keep getting NO SIGNAL now

Neil 15:01

Hello Ewes, ...the wanderers have returned to a treat of Hay, Meanwhile a couple of Blackbhirds were enjoying their freedom to the rear of the hay feeder, while the sheep were away.

Neil 14:19

....& there they were gone!...Hello All, I saw the "Ladies in Wating" in passing this morning whilst busy with other things, but they now seem to have disappeared, Hopefully they will be back again soon, Have a Good Day All....

Helen 12:23

Lovely picture of the ladies in waiting. Hello, everyone.

Ric 11:51

Hi, all!

Gradon 09:46

Good Mornibg! The sheep are on view in the lambing shed! Could we soon be expecting a busy time!

Cindy 09:23


Susan 08:57

Morning All

Milly 07:23

Morning Dan

Dan 06:06

camera is back, please refrehs

Milly 05:59

Morning all

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