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Shoutouts Archive (14th February 2020)

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14th February 2020

Milly 23:30

Stay indoors its going to be awful tomorrow, we have the amber alert for flooding ,

Milly 23:26

Oh yes !

Susan 22:54

Possible tiny babies at 8am in the morning..YEAH

Helen 20:45

Oh, it's the maternity ward! Hurray!

Dan 20:22

It's that time of year again!

Helen 16:02

Oh, it's an awesome day here, sunny and dry, blue skies, some snow on the verges, and -15c which is about zero in Fahrenheit. But no wind, so it's just a crisp Canadian winter's day.

Helen 13:16

Forgot to say Happy Valentine's day to everyone.

Neil 12:44

Hello Everyone, a bitter cold wond here in south Lincolnshire, Sun trying to shineat times, Hope oyu're all having a good day....

Helen 12:06

Hello all. Very cold here this morning.

Cindy 09:02


Debbie 08:42

Good morning

Milly 08:42

Morning all

Susan 08:02

Morning All

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