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Shoutouts Archive (9th February 2020)

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9th February 2020

Helen 20:28

Thank goodness for that. Lots of places are flooded. The Ure has flooded - the whole valley is full of water in Wensleydale.

"B" 19:58

Just spoke with my Sister at Huncoat & they are not washed out!.

Helen 18:49

Well, the camera is still operating and transmitting. Anyone got an Ark?

Helen 18:48

I've just been looking at videos from the Yorkshire Dales on Facebook, and the amount of water moving through is amazing. Hope all at Marlfield, including the flocks, are safe and on high ground. Stay safe, all. hope your homes are sandbagged.

Neil 14:46

Hello All, I hope you're having a dryer day than at Marlfield, having seen Dan's Fb clip, I do hope you & sheep are able to remain safe & dry.

Helen 13:15

I can certainly hear the rain.

Susan 12:30

Afternoon All

Helen 12:01

I will check it out, Dan. stay safe and dry.

Dan 10:50

I’ve posted a video on our Marlfield farm Facebook page!

Dan 10:49


Milly 10:40

Everywhere is flooded !

Cindy 09:12


Milly 07:20

Morning all

Milly 07:20

Poor sheep !

Milly 07:19

Yes Helen,I'm not looking forward to this !,, It might keep me in !

Helen 02:09

Rain and wind. Ciarin has arrived.

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