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Shoutouts Archive (8th February 2020)

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8th February 2020

"B" 20:38

We are six hours behind GMT here.

"B" 20:36

Yes, I had checked the time on your post to help find them...

Helen 19:07

Oh, "B", I'm glad you liked them - I was really delighted to see the moon looking that bright in the west, just before dawn.

"B" 16:02

Thank you Helen for the beautiful moon shots, just went to your camgrabs

Helen 12:57

That lovely sunshine is deceptive.

Neil 12:34

Good Afternoon All, Hope you all stay safe & warm with Storm Ciara approaching our western British coast...

Susan 10:02

Morning All

Cindy 09:04


Milly 07:59

Morning all

Helen 06:21

So, I saved a few moon shots for you all to see - quite spectacular as it sets.

Helen 06:14

Anyway, good morning all - nearly dawn.

Helen 06:14

I forget how to get into Camgrabs, but that moon is certainly worth catching on cam.

Helen 06:12

My goodness, look at that moon!

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