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Shoutouts Archive (7th February 2020)

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7th February 2020

Helen 16:53

Well, then Gradon, it's just blowing out of here. A massive blizzard that has been coming and going for two days. I'm mis-quoting Lear's Fool today: "He that has and a little tiny wit-- With hey, ho, the wind and the snow,-- Must make content with his fortunes fit, For the snow it snoweth every day."

Gradon 15:38

Helen, the weather is coming from the states, the same storm that left a deposit of snow over Oklahoma this week!

Gradon 15:34

Hi, with seeing the 4 sheep at about 7.30 this morning, I am sure they were the Soay mums and daughters that arrived on the farm last July!

Helen 15:09

I hear a crow.

Helen 15:09

Hello to all - I guess it's afternoon there, and I hope you are not badly affected by the incoming storm. Not sure if that weather is coming from here or from somewhere else, but hang on and be safe.

Helen 15:08

They could be a few of the rare breeds, Neil, as they are smaller than the more domestic that are still on the farm.

Neil 12:11

Good Afternoon All..Correction Helen...last year's lambs at least, or perhaps even young'sih sheep...difficult to tell in the dark monochrome vision at that time of night! Have a Good Day, All...

Susan 09:46

Morning All

Cindy 09:06


Debbie 08:45

Good morning

Milly 06:35

Morning all

Milly 06:34


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