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Shoutouts Archive (2nd February 2020)

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2nd February 2020

Helen 15:14

I just posted two pics on Facebook - "roads and rooftops" (or "streets and chimneys".)

Neil 15:07

Let's hope the snow doesn't last long or cause too much trouble, particularly as you say as it becomes wet & slushy, & if there is a drop in temp. tonight. I hear there has been heavy snowfall in parts of Scotland too, but not Shetland as far as I can se on the webcams. ...& I heard 1 bleat from a sheep here at Marlfield.

Helen 15:04

No, not deep at all, and it's quite mild and getting more so, so the snow is falling straight down, making things look very pretty, but I bet most of it will be gone tomorrow. However, driving looks pretty tricky right now, slippery and wet.

Neil 13:33

Hello Helen, Is your snow very deep, do you think it will last long?

Helen 13:22

Hello, all! We have snow today.

Neil 13:14

Good Afternoon Everyone, Hope you are all having a Good Day...

Ric 12:59

Hello all.

Susan 11:11

Morning All

Cindy 09:09


Milly 08:22

Morning all

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