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Shoutouts Archive (27th January 2020)

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27th January 2020

Helen 21:20

Neil, I cannot imagine sheep liking Up Helly Aah, but I might take a look at it myself - I've seen photos. As for the funeral, it all went well, the eulogy seemed OK, and the best part of it was that it wasn't my funeral.

Neil 14:52

p.s. don't tell Dan's sheep, I think it may be rather frightening for them! Baaa!

Neil 14:50

Hello All, I hope the Funeral goes as well as can be hoped for Helen.. ALso, on a completely different subject & I hope I am not infringing, but if anyone is interested Shetland is gearing up towards their annual Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, with the main event starting at 1900 GMT Tuesday 28th,with a lot of pre material on www.shetlandwebcams.com & on Facebook, too.

Ric 11:56

Hello everyone.

Helen 10:47

Good morning. Off to a funeral, at which I am giving the eulogy. Oh, dear!

Susan 10:11

Morning All

Cindy 09:07


Debbie 08:49

Good morning

Milly 06:34

Some snow forecast here !

Milly 06:33

Morning all

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