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Shoutouts Archive (19th January 2020)

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19th January 2020

Helen 14:27

Ric - have sent you a message.

Ric 13:12

Hi, Helen. Hoping to visit on May 23, haven't heard back.

Helen 13:06

Nice to see Ric here.

Helen 12:54

Nice to see your sunshine, but it sure looks chilly.

Ric 12:34

Looks like a frosty morn!

Susan 09:21

Morning All

Cindy 09:09


Milly 08:25

Morning all

Milly 08:24

Its freezing solid here !

Helen 01:47

The snow ploughs are out this evening, trying to clear up the mess. By morning, the roads will probably be fine. Just another January day in Ontario.

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