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Shoutouts Archive (11th January 2020)

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11th January 2020

Helen 23:26

OK, I've sent it again. I don't see it in my old 'sent mail', so obviously I didn't hit "Send".

Helen 23:21

Oh, dear! It should be in the messages page, unless I forgot to actually post it. That happens.

"B" 19:14

Helen, never did find the PM, just the notification.

"B" 19:12

Too cold for rain here -28C last night, without wind chill... About the woolly worm; to quote Richard R0gers "It's a puzzelmenf".

Helen 19:02

Pretty raindrops. We're getting heavy rain here, too, turning to freezing this evening. Such fun.

Helen 14:46

Yes, it was there after midnight your time. Wonder what it was?

Susan 13:48

That was on from early evening to well after I went to bed

Helen 13:35

Hello all - did we get rid of the string of pearls across the bottom of the lens?

Susan 12:49

Afternoon All

Cindy 09:11


Milly 06:53

Morning all

Milly 06:52

Strange looking thing ???

Helen 00:58

It does look like it, doesn't it? A woolly worm, maybe?

Gradon 00:29

Hello! Have we a sheep that has lost her pearly false teeth!

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