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Shoutouts Archive (6th January 2020)

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6th January 2020

Neil 16:04

A belated hello All again today..it's just gone 4.p.m. here in Stamford, Your Maji 12th Nifght celebration sounds interesting, nevetheless, Helen, I do hope oyu won't be snowed in withthe mildr weather. They say it's mild here, but doesn't feel it. Hope You are All having a Good Day...

Helen 15:23

More snow this morning but it is near the freezing mark so I doubt it will stay. We're OK with that. Happy Monday, folks.

Cindy 09:08


Debbie 08:35

Good morning

Milly 07:27

Morning all

Helen 02:24

PM stands for private message, so obviously you got it.

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