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Shoutouts Archive (5th January 2020)

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5th January 2020

"B" 23:42

Hello Helen, received your message but don't know how to find a "PM"

Helen 23:31

"B", I sent you a PM.

Helen 22:57

Well, no bean cake. It was apple pie and ice cream for dessert tonight. I think the tradition had to do with giving the youngest child a special treat (and making sure that the child got the piece of cake with the bean in it.) Then there was a treat.

Neil 19:28

That sounds very interesting thanks Helen, i think now, I do vaguely rememebr reading baotu the Custom awhile ago. I do hope you had an enjoyable celebration.

Helen 18:02

This used to be a special night when, in certain traditions and cultures, there were rituals with the evening meal. The most familiar was something called "Bean" cake. If you were the person who found the "Bean" in your piece of cake, you could ask for anything you wanted (within reason.) Sometimes, too, there was money in the cake. I wonder if anyone does any of that now - probably for children.

Neil 16:23

Just seen oyur Fcbk entry thanks Helen aboutThe Magi

"B" 15:41

There are many traditions associated with"Twelth Night".

Neil 15:08

Epiphany? Am I right? That's interesting, How do you actually celebrate the event? Gald you're not too cold.

Helen 14:52

Hello everyone. Yes, Neil, it's not very cold here yet. Snow melted, mostly. Have a great Sunday. Some of us are celebrating the three kings today.

Neil 12:33

Hello Everyone, hope you're keeping warm Helen. Have a Good Day All

Cindy 09:06


Milly 05:54

Morning all.

Milly 05:54

Best place to watch snow ,Helen .

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