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Shoutouts Archive (23rd December 2019)

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23rd December 2019

Helen 21:26

I cleaned it all up but they keep coming back to check for leaks. A bigger job on another day is what awaits me.

Neil 19:18

Wow! I hope you're not feeling too flushed about it!...Good Luck!

Helen 18:29

Cheer up, everyone - I have plumbers tearing up the floor and the walls in my closet and bathroom. Will they clean it all up again? I'll let you know.

Neil 18:17

Yes, it worked, thanks Helen....Baaaaa!

Neil 14:54

Oh! that's a pleasure Cindy, thanks for letting me know, & Thanks, too for yours & Helen's too, which I probably didn't acknowledge when I was so busy panicking in finishing & sending them.

Cindy 14:32

Neil - thank you for your Christmas wishes which arrived safely today.

Neil 13:25

Hi Folk, late "clocking in" again...can't get the staff!!!..Hope you're having a good day, I'm a bit slow in watching Marlfield too, but just saw a magpie walking boldly in front of the cam @ 1124...I had better say, "Good Morning Mr or Mrs Magpie", or else I may be in for bad luck, so the saying goes. Hope you all have a good day, Thanks Helen for the link I shall enjoy following, but haven't got quite there yet. as i say, I can'#t get the staff!!!

Helen 13:03

hello, All.

Cindy 09:07


Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 07:12

Morning all

Helen 03:33

For the newer folks among us, this is a regular, oft-repeated sheep and light show that makes an appearance every Christmas. Great performances, great music, ending up with the 1812 Overture, and really worth a watch - so here's the link. [link] I hope it works.

Helen 03:07

It will be +8c in Toronto on Monday. For all we hear about a ferocious winter, it isn't here yet. No snow for Christmas, and none all week. I hope you get reasonable weather for travelling and so on.

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