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Shoutouts Archive (15th December 2019)

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15th December 2019

Helen 20:48

Some of the views between 13.00 and 13.30 are just gorgeous. Blue skies, white fields and the silhouetted trees.

Helen 16:41

Those who have been here for a few years will remember 'snow persons' of old, and how the sheep would nibble them.

Helen 14:16

Little Master Procter is going to have such fun in that white stuff. Enjoy. With a little more of it, I bet there will be a Procter family project of a snow man.,

Gradon 13:00

Oh Snow!what a winter wonderland! It looks like several inches deep to! I thought it was snowing when I checked in at 01.30 this morning!

Milly 12:57

I'm going to a party today,but my son s coming for me ,

Susan 11:20

The cam picture would be lovely as a Christmas card.

Susan 11:15

Yes so weather forecast says.Hope you don't get too much to stop you going out.

Milly 11:11

Hi Sue more to come later here ,

Susan 09:29

Snow was forecast for over night in Yorkshire

Susan 09:28

You don't need the snow now but at Christmas day for the little one.

Susan 09:27

Morning All.

Milly 09:07

Morning all

Milly 09:07

Oh I'm grounded now !

Cindy 09:04


Dan 07:06

The webcam is nearly covered

Dan 06:51

We have woken to snow this morning at lambwatch HQ

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