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Shoutouts Archive (8th December 2019)

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8th December 2019

Milly 21:45

Very wet !,,its a wonder the sheep aren't growing Finn's.

Neil 20:55

Thanks Helen, Hope oyu're coping with yoru snow, It looks a wet night at Marlfield.

Helen 19:58

No FB problems here but probably a different provider on my side of the Pond.

Neil 13:47

Hello All, The sea certainly looks rough around Shetland, no doubt due to the storms, Yes, Susan I'm finding the Fb to be a bit slow, 2 PM's sent ot me last night from the U.S.A. didn't arrive until sometime overnight. Hope that helps.

Helen 13:21

Hello, all. Hope the incoming storm doesn't hit you too hard.

Susan 11:13

anyone having problems with the chat box on facebook

Cindy 09:07


Milly 06:48


Milly 06:46

Morning all

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