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Shoutouts Archive (7th December 2019)

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7th December 2019

Neil 21:29

You're doing well Helen, Keep smiling & thinking postively!

Helen 17:56

Hah!! Thanks, Neil, but I go back a long way. Not the eldest here, but close.

Neil 17:41

Good to hear thanks, helen, but you're NOT an Old Lady, Hope you 're able to stay safe & warm...

Helen 17:26

OK, weather update: It did snow, but it's getting mild, driving is OK, and this old lady managed to conquer busy traffic, long lines and a busy P.O. this morning, after a long wait, and the Salvation Army was playing Christmas Carols in my supermarket. So it is a good day. Cheers, all.

Helen 12:30

Hello all. Still too dark here to see how much snow we have.

Neil 12:28

Hello, Hello, Hello!..do i see a hint of sunshine at Marlfield?...Hope you're coping with your snowfall, Helen, & Everyone is havinga Good Day....

Cindy 09:10


Milly 07:50

Only 5 weeks ,and it will start getting lighter again !

Milly 07:46

Yes and still is ! Morning all

Helen 03:25

Must be raining at 3.30 a.m. as I can't see a thing. Goodnight.

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