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Shoutouts Archive (30th November 2019)

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30th November 2019

Helen 16:38

Beautiful sky right now. 16.37

Helen 11:51

Frosty morning, obviously. We expect snow tomorrow so today is a 'stock up' day.

Helen 11:51

Good morning - haven't heard about the Netherlands, but stay safe and warm, every one there.

Neil 10:30

..& The Netherland atrocities, too, I hear...very sad for All involved.

Neil 10:28

Hello All on this cold, frosty & foggy morning, though the Sun is slowly clearing the fog thankfully, Hope you're keeping warm, Milly & Everyone., Enjoy oyur day if oyu can depsite the London atrocities ....

Milly 10:15

It is sue ,but at least i have a fire .

Gradon 09:44

Hay! Good Morning! I am sure those sheep are thankful of that hay Dan though a white gold morning such as this! Was not stopping Jura from tryin to do his tuply duties

Susan 09:37

Morning Milly.It looks absolutely frozen over there.

Milly 09:25

Morning Sue

Susan 09:24

Morning All

Milly 09:24

Its freezing this morning !

Cindy 09:00


Milly 06:56

Morning all

Helen 00:50

Indeed, very sad. It's on all our newscasts here.

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