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Shoutouts Archive (29th November 2019)

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29th November 2019

Neil 19:15

Yes, Very sad!

Cindy 18:39

Helen - 2 dead and 3 seriously injured - so sad

Helen 18:00

So glad the London Bridge incident wasn't worse. Stay safe, everyone.

Helen 16:51

The evening sky is gorgeous.

Helen 16:50

I'm only back just now, and everything works. Thanks, Gradon, for the clarification - I could hear the chaffinch, and he's probably looking for the feeder.

Neil 16:17

a beautiful multi coloured sky backgroud around 1614...

Gradon 11:56

Good Morning Helen,So pleased to see you have returned! No feeder that I am aware of! But about 8.40am, a Chaffinch could be seen and heard, flying up across the screen and pecking the top of the cam before dropping back to the ground again!

Helen 11:45

Good morning all. What a lovely view. I hear the birds though I don't see any. Is there a bird-feeder? Anyway, waiting for the wizard of technology to show up here. Thanks for the encouraging words, folks. up

Gradon 10:23

Good Morning to this white Golden frosty morning! Wih having had some lovely close portraits of the sheep and an attack on the cam! By a Chaffinch! Probably thinking the cam was a nut feeder!

Neil 10:19

A Good Frosty Morning Folk & Sheep, Hope oyu have a Good Day, at least the sheep have their nice warm wooly coats! Good Luck Helen, hoping oyu will be able to stay with us after the internet changes.

Cindy 09:03


Debbie 08:33

Good morning

Milly 07:23

Happy black friday shopping everyone !!

Milly 07:22

Morning all ,,

Milly 07:21

It will be ok Helen,

Helen 01:52

I'm switching cable, internet and phone servers tomorrow. This may be my last post - ever - if I cannot get the new system to work. Someone is coming at a very uncivilised hour to install the new connections. I hope I won't lose the sheep (or all the sheepwatchers!)

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