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Shoutouts Archive (27th November 2019)

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27th November 2019

Neil 19:37

Much appreciated thanks Dan

Helen 19:03

Ahhh - we're back - thanks, Dan. The work sounds very interesting - too bad that we couldn't see it, but it will help your environmental project, for sure.

Milly 18:37

Thanks Dan

Neil 18:23

Yes, I saw the Workmen there earlier in the day, ..perhaps they forgot to put more money in the webcam meter...lol!

Dan 18:11


Dan 18:08

Oh what a shame, it missed all the activity today. We've had 4 large trees planted in the lambwatch field today as well as several small, medium and large shurbs and trees in a buffer zone at the bottom.

Helen 17:27

I've only getting video from 11.38 today. it's closer to 17.30 in real GMT.

Neil 17:01

Yes bruv, stick stuck with me, too @ 113833;

Gradon 16:18

I am not sure about anyone else, the cam is stuck on 11.38 with me! Just after the workers knocked it!

Susan 15:08

Cam is ok

Neil 13:28

As 1 sheep has just made it plain to hear..."We still have sound..Baaaa!"

Helen 13:26

Hello, all. No camera.

Gradon 13:00

Oh Dear! Ithink the workmen must have knocked and upset the cam as there is a no show at the mo!

Susan 11:26

Morning All,wouldn't it be good for all the men doing. the work to introduce themselves on cam

Neil 10:11

Good Morning ALl, it's a rather drizzly wet one here in Stamford, If you are interested & able to log into the Uppingham First Webcam site this morning you will see lots of sheep etc at the Uppingham's, (in the smallest County of Rutland) 113th I think they said Fatstock Show, the oldest in the Country....Sorry Dan I don't really mean to be pinching your viewers!

Cindy 09:04


Debbie 08:40

Good morning

Milly 07:29

Morning all

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