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Shoutouts Archive (25th November 2019)

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25th November 2019

Helen 18:04

It could have been the chap across the valley checking his sheep.

Helen 18:02

I think Dan is out checking the field, unless someone has put a road into the field where there wasn't one earlier. I can see lights.

Helen 18:01

Not sure if the tup is still in the field. But I did see a pair of sheep of quite differing markings quite close to the cam this morning. I could hear them breathing, too, so I knew they were close.

Gradon 17:55

Certainly a ewe! Neil!

Gradon 17:53

It may be dark, it my be damp! But someone has just been looking towards the cam contently chewing the cud and now she has turned to show her backside thankyou!

Neil 17:52

Oooh that's spooky!..at around 17-45-50 I looked up to the screen showing Lambwatch & saw amidst the moisture on the lens, an almost white face, but with a patch around her right eye, (Sorry Madam Tup, I haven't learnt your name!), having a good chew, but also appearing to be staring stright at me!

Milly 17:18

Thank you Helen ,thank you Margaret๐Ÿ˜Š

Margaret 13:16

Happy Birthday Milly

Helen 12:35

Hello, lovelies!

Helen 12:34

A very happy birthday to Milly! Enjoy your day!

Milly 12:00

Thank you Cindy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Cindy 10:01

Happy Birthday Milly. xx

Milly 09:17

Thank you Neil ๐Ÿ˜Š

Neil 09:12

I hope I'm right in wishing you, Milly, a Happy Birthday, here, & hope you have a Good Day.

Cindy 09:04


Debbie 08:47

Good morning

Milly 06:59

Ok now

Milly 05:54

Morning all !,,,,, wrong date on the cam.

Helen 02:56

Raining again.

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