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Shoutouts Archive (23rd November 2019)

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23rd November 2019

Helen 17:08

Good heavens! Dark and rainy already, and it's only noon here - just about to have my midday whatever.

Helen 13:02

Oh, Dan, that would have been lovely to see. I bet Rowan loved it.

Gradon 12:16

Thankyou Dan, On this wet a d windy day!

Dan 11:20

It's back.

Dan 10:36

I’ll get it going

Dan 10:36

Aww that’s a shame I just fed the sheep with Rowan in front of the webcam

Susan 10:31

Morning All

Cindy 08:52


Milly 07:04

Morning all

Helen 06:18

No live stream. Good morning, all.

Milly 00:53

Crazy weather !

Milly 00:51

Our temperature has gone up to 8C at nearly 1 am !!

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