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Shoutouts Archive (20th November 2019)

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20th November 2019

Helen 19:18

I llove the look of that silhouetted sycamore tree against the evening sky.

Neil 15:58

Some lovely pink in the sky behind the tree on the left @ around 1550 onw...

Neil 15:00

Thanks Cindy, just accepted you as a Fbk Friend & sent you a reply mssge.

Cindy 14:50

Neil - I have sent you a Friend Request on FB

Susan 14:38

There are usually lots of Fezzies around.

Neil 14:32

Thanks Susan, He has had his pic. taken!

Susan 14:30


Dan 14:01

Delay to scheduled work today!

Gradon 13:40

Two other possible feeder theft candidates spotted at 8.30 am!

Neil 13:32

P.s.can someone pls remind me how to access the PM here, ..on Fbk I'm the Neil Forsyth with my late Mum's late Tinker on my lap, thanks again, Neil

Neil 13:30

By the way, Helen & Everyone else, Can you pls let me know by PM either here or on FBk, or e/ m me on shetlandtop1974@btinternet.com your postal address so I can send you 1 of my homemade Christmas cards hoping I achieve on time!!! many thanks, Merry Christmas, Neil

Neil 13:14

Thanks Helen, I shouldn;t think the sheep have a clue about what they are doing, unless they can find food for themselves but, as you say, fun to watch..., s

Helen 13:05

You, too, Neil. Not sure what kind of consciences the sheep have - probably carefree and totally irresponsible. But fun to watch, just the same.

Neil 12:14

Hello All, Yes, Helen, they have plucked up courage to come a show themselves & survey their damage!...I hp[e they show sufficient remorse for their sins!..I somehow doubt it!!! have a Good Day, All.

Helen 12:11

Naughty sheep, but at least they are in full view and I can see them well.

Susan 11:05

Dan,is all the wood used as fencing

Milly 10:53

Oh ,dear I'll take one guess who that is !

Gradon 09:58

The branch is still there, Milly, but some distance down the field minus the feeders

Milly 09:52

I didn't see that Gradon

Gradon 09:51

Morning.Oh dear, What happened between 6.57 and 7.33 there was a transmission cut during that time the feeder branch moved down the field and as soon as the cam came back on the sheep were seen running fullspeed down the field!

Milly 09:51

And the bird feeders gone .

Milly 09:44

One curious sheep on the left !

Milly 09:42

Is that the winter wood store Dan ?

Cindy 08:51


Milly 06:32

Morning all

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