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Shoutouts Archive (18th November 2019)

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18th November 2019

Neil 17:05

I bet he/she had a head ache afterwards...poor Blue tit!

Gradon 17:04

Thankyou Lynda, for letting me know, As he took a bulls eye hit, right in the centre of the screen, then dropped!

Helen 16:02

That's a beautiful sky at 14.01. Mother of pearl delicate tones.

Helen 16:01

Neil, we blame the sheep for everything, even when they have nothing to do with the problem - blamed for unplugging the electrics, mostly, but kissing the lens, too, attacking bird feeders, and other odd things that happen around the farm.

Neil 14:38

Let's hope Blue Tit has made it back to it's base for better flying lessons!...lol!

Lynda 14:33

its ok Gradon... no sign of a blue tit near the cam.... must have been a glancing blow

Gradon 12:54

Oh Dear, A Blue Tit just flew from the feeder and crashed into the cam! I do hope he is OK

Gradon 12:11

Good Morning all. Approx 5.24am though nothing in view, a fox can be heard barking away in the distance!

Neil 11:46

..& we have a fleeting visit to the Feeder from a Great Tit @ 11.44....!..are the birds at last winning the battle?

Neil 11:34

Ah! that's a good trick, thanks ...Using the chain saw has restored a live view at 1132!

Susan 11:29

Morning All

Neil 11:12

Good morning All, Yes, both Lynda & Dan are doing great work, thank you Both, but, alas, now appear to be being let down by electronic troubles, but never mind, at least we can a view, Yes, Helen I appreciate Sheep have a "Mind of their own!", I was only making a light hearted joke about trying to educate them as i know it is a virtually impossible task!, but no offence taken,...Baaa!..perhaps they "thought" the next Sheepish trick to play was to have their a Sheepish play with the electrics....No! perhaps not, that would probably be a shocking trick to play!...Baaaa!...Have a Good Day, All...

Cindy 08:59


Milly 06:45

Morning all

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