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Shoutouts Archive (16th November 2019)

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16th November 2019

Dan 21:23


Dan 21:23

Big fireworks display at 205

Helen 18:20

I don't see anything except for moving car lights in the distance.

Neil 13:44

...& who do we have here @ 1329 on...inspecting & probably intent on causing more damage???

Margaret 12:48

One good thing about having the feeder and branches there, it did bring the sheep nearer to the webcam

Neil 12:45

Good Day All, Many thanks Dan, at least you've tried, Perhaps at best the sheep were curious, or worse, Jealous, thinking, "Hey, we thought we were the focus of attention, here!...Baaaa!" Enjoy your viewing Everyone, whether it be sheep, birds, or hopefully both, one day soon!..............

Susan 11:06

Morning All

Dan 10:16

Yep our Shetland tup is called Jura

Dan 10:15

It’s only propped up on a loose branch. It’s not very secure.

Cindy 10:07

The sheep seem to be bigger vandals than the squirrels regarding the destruction of the birdfeeder

Cindy 09:03


Milly 07:07

Morning all

Milly 07:07

It certainly looks like it !!

Helen 02:24

Have the sheep destroyed the bird feeder already?

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