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Shoutouts Archive (15th November 2019)

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15th November 2019

"B" 20:09

I belive you are correct with the nam, for the island in the Inner Hebrides.

Gradon 20:05

Well! The feeder is still there! I think! It is just out of view on the branch just at the bottomof the screen and at 18.05 a lovely cose view of the new Shetland Tup! The one with the white nose! Am I right in thinking his name is Jura!

Margaret 18:03

The sheep has plucked off all the buds along the branch.

Margaret 17:58

17.35.. a vandal is having a go at the branch holding the feeder

Neil 16:55

Ho! Ho! Ho!...Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!..I wonder if the birds are thinking, Is Santa Feeder coming here early?

Milly 12:52

Oh ,wow ,thanks Dan 😊

Helen 11:32

Oh, I am so happy to see the bird feeder. Thank you so much. Can hardly wait to see what it attracts! Good morning, all.

Margaret 11:23

Good morning, wow what a lovely surprise to see the bird feeder... many thanks Dan.

Gradon 10:31

Good Morning.Oh My! Thankyou Dan! At first I thought a tree had fallen! Then I noticed the feeder! I only asked about that the other day!

Cindy 10:21

Brilliant place for the birdfeeder - thanks Dan

Cindy 08:55


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 07:18

Morning all

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