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Shoutouts Archive (10th November 2019)

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10th November 2019

Helen 17:53

It sounds lovely, Neil. We will have an hour long presentation from Ottawa tomorrow at 11.00 a.m. It usually draws huge crowds, but the forecast isn't good.

Neil 12:26

Good Day Helen & All...."We Shall Remember Them...." I've been watching the London Remembrance Service & Parade which is almost ending on TV..."Songs of Praise" will be following shortly.......

Helen 11:49

Good morning. Happy Remembrance Sunday for those who celebrate today. Our services are held tomorrow, on the 11th.

Cindy 09:06

Hello - thank you for all your birthday greetings yesterday

Milly 08:05

Morning all

Helen 02:17

I don't think they do geography and maps very well, "B". The fact that it's in Wales probably doesn't bother them one bit.

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