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Shoutouts Archive (9th November 2019)

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9th November 2019

"B" 21:49

Wrexham is in another country - don't suppose it matters to the sheep!

Helen 21:31

Quite spectacular fireworks. No wonder sheep don't sleep well at night. It sounded just like a war zone.

Neil 19:46

Let's hope the really BIG Bangs & Flashes @ just after 1935 mark the Finale with no more to follow,,,,,Poor Sheep-----Baaa! Baaaa!

Neil 19:36

Oh dear! Bang! Bang! I do hope Jura & his Lady Friends are not too frightened I see & hear a lot of Fireworks in the distance....& have also seen a covering of snow on TV at Wrexham, not a million miles away from Marlfield

Neil 17:10

Thansk Dan, sounds very interesting, I can already hear some "Hello" bleats!...Good Luck Jura, but behave yourself!...Baaaa!

Margaret 17:08

Next time you are passing the webcam, Dan, could you give it a wipe please? It's not so bad in the daytime but very misty at night. Ta muchly.

Dan 17:05

We’ve just introduced our new tup to the Shetlands in the LambWatch field! I’ll do a news post shortly. His name is Jura and he’s very keen!

Neil 16:44

Thanks Helen, Wow! Happy Birthday Cindy & Windows 10 on your phone!!!! Sorry, I won't offer to give you the bumps...I don't have the energy!!!

Helen 15:05

I think it's both, Neil.

Neil 13:43

Happy Birthday Cindy...real birthday, or birth of Windows 10 for U?

Helen 12:15

A very happy birthday to Cindy!

Milly 10:39

Happy birthday Cindy 🎂

Margaret 09:25

A Very Happy Birthday Cindy... x

Cindy 08:32

Hello my computer has returned and now updated to Windows 10

Milly 06:11

Morning all

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