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Shoutouts Archive (7th November 2019)

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7th November 2019

"B" 23:41

Thank you Helen, the link works,thank you but it seems to be the same as I have been using. I am not going to try & understand !!

Helen 22:42

Hi, "B", does this link not work for you? [link]

"B" 21:19

Why can I not find LambWatch except on YouTube, on an other page?

Milly 17:33

They are probably hiding ,Dan ,with all the rain we've had today,they say a month's rain we had in one day !!

Dan 17:24

This is our north ronaldsay breeding group!

Helen 15:51

Oh, it will, eventually, Milly.

Milly 14:51

It tried to snow here too

Milly 14:50

Thanks Dan

Helen 14:25

Thanks Dan. That sounds like rain. We have snow this morning.

Neil 13:52

Hello All, Many thanks Dan for yet again managing to conquer your battle against technology & get the cam working...Good Luck that it continues...Have a Good Day All...

Gradon 13:49

Who is that Black Ram! He is magnificent!

Gradon 13:48

Aha. The sheep are in view!

Gradon 13:46

Hi Dan Thankyou for replying and getting the cam back in action despite the wind I thought the wall was far to established to be a new feature. I will have to study that clip again also I fullu understand about the feeders. Will the trees be increasing or decreasing in number?

Dan 13:06

We have feeders elsewhere and sometimes we get the camera in that view

Dan 13:06

The bird feeders became too much for us to maintain

Dan 13:05

Hi Gradon, there has never been a wire fence down this side of the wall and there’s always been this number of trees.... however.... that will be changing next week!

Gradon 11:01

Good Morning i have just been watching a Lambcam video on Youtube dating in the summer of 2017 showing what I think the same view as we all know. But I am a little confused.Did the wall on the right used to be a wire fence with a few more trees running along it also what did happen to the bird feeders!

Debbie 09:09

Good morning

Helen 07:14

Good morning, everyone.

Milly 05:58

Morning all

Helen 02:44

So far, this evening, it is just wet. When the temperature drops, things will change, and I will stay home and watch it from inside the window. I am such a sissy!

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