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Shoutouts Archive (5th November 2019)

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5th November 2019

Helen 22:32

Camer's gone down again, I think. I just checked - we should be five hours apart but it looks to be out by about 90 minutes.

Gradon 20:28

Many thanks Dan for solving tne cam problem I have seen on rewind at 10.04am the new inhabitants in front of the cam, one fine Black ram very interested very interested in making love! TO Provide for Lambs next year. Also has there been a spot of tree planting going on at the bottom of the field!

Neil 16:55

Many thanks Dan, much appreciated, I didn't see any inhabitants or work having been done,I'll have another look tomorrow...You have us guessing, now!!! nts or evidence of work having been done when I looked earlier...I'll have another

Milly 11:18

Thanks Dan 😊

Helen 10:16

I don't see any live inhabitants, but I can see that some work as been done down the bottom - probably to do with the project of flood control? Good morning all.

Dan 09:26

Finally got the field back. Can you spot the new inhabitants? ANd maybe a new installation .......?

Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Milly 06:24

Morning all

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