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Shoutouts Archive (4th November 2019)

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4th November 2019

Helen 19:18

Thanks Dan - the world is right-side-up, at last, and I'm not nearly so confused as I was! Nice wall building on FB.

Gradon 19:02

Oooh thankyou Dan, you must have turned the cam around the view has righted itself. Is that heavy rain or just running water!

"B" 18:39

Thanks Dan, at least the speculation about the camera kept us busy!!

Neil 18:18

Many thanks Dan for your continued perseverance with such challenging technology...Very Much Appreciated....

Margaret 16:14

Thanks Dan. Now the picture makes sense

Dan 16:06

Sorry, there's not a whole lot to see right now.

Dan 16:06

Hi all, sorry for the picture not showing the field. Technical problems with the camera again I am afraid. Ill try and get it back ASAP. The picutre you're looking at now is a live picture from one of our shippons, as that is currently the only other working camera. When i get the field cam back online I will switch it back.

Gradon 14:08

Good afternoon, on the argument of the view being live or recorded and with the date and time in the top corner being the current time answer the case! Also could it be true the outside cam feed be in the process of been transfered to the other field as seen last winter! I do remember there were several days view in the barn earlier inthe year when the feed was transfered!

Margaret 11:40

Good morning... I think the webcam is live.. the daylight and darkness showing through the door is correct with the actual time (if that makes sense).

Helen 11:21

Good morning. I see the world is still upside down today. Maybe this is the "November look".

Debbie 08:57

Good morning

Milly 06:05

Morning all

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